Staffing Industry Analysts:全球最大的100家人才服务公司2016财年总营收达1900亿美元

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(2017年10月20日,/全球人才服务和劳动力解决方案顾问公司Staffing Industry Analysts日前发布了《2017年全球最大人才服务公司报告》。基于各公司2016财年的营收,该报告列出了全球排名前100位的人才服务公司。

公司总裁Barry Asin表示:“在2017年榜单中,这些入榜公司实现的总营收为1,900亿美元。全球人才服务市场2016财年的营收约为4,280亿美元,这些入榜公司的营收估计占全球人才服务市场总营收的44%。”


1111.png(即原Temp Holdings公司,于2017年更新名称),位列该榜单第7位;必胜(Kelly Services)排名第8,罗致恒富(Robert Half International)排名第9,中智(CIIC)位列第10。此外,中国另外两家人力资源服务公司北京外企(Beijing FESCO)、上海外服(Shanghai FSG)分别排名第13位、21位。

相比上年,今年有10家新入榜的公司,包括印度的Teamlease(排名第81)和Quess Corp(排名第82),以及荷兰的Olympia Netherlands(排名第92)、日本的Human Holdings(排名第96);还有5家美国公司新入榜,另外新入榜的AirSwift公司排名第42,该公司由Air Energi 和Swift Worldwide Resources合并组成。



(Oct.20, 2017,/ Industry Analysts (SIA), the global advisor on staffing and workforce solutions, has released its 2017 report on the Largest Global Staffing Firms“,” . “.”

last year’s world’sThe five largest global staffing firms are:

Overall the top 10 firms have just under 25% share of the market. Below 9th place, no company has more than a 1% global market share, but a total of 31 companies on our list have revenue in excess of $1 billion (2015: 37 companies).

were added to the 2017 list, including Indiabased Teamlease (81st) and Quess Corp (82nd); the Dutch firm Olympia Netherlands (92nd); and the Japanese firm Human Holdings (96th). Five US companies were also added to the list; and AirSwift entered the list at number 42, following the merger of Air Energi and Swift Worldwide Resources.

A total of ten companies fell out of the rankings this year due to revenue size (3), acquisition (5) or based on additional insights related to earnings (2).

<span styles="font-size:9.0pt;font-family:" "="">Among the top 100 firms, 44 on the list are headquartered in EMEA, 43 in North America and 13 in Asia. Thirty-four of the largest firms are publicly listed. Five Executive Search firms are included in the ranking, with Spencer Stuart and Korn Ferry in leading positions respectively for this niche.